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Mysore is called Pensioners Paradise- Here is why?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The heritage city is becoming more dynamic amongst the senior citizens. The proactive administration has helped Mysore bag the cleanest city in India recognition, three successive times. It won the National Award for setting up the ‘Trin Trin’ public bicycle sharing system. Apart from being the unofficial yoga capital of India for domestic and foreign travelers, it is also called a Pensioners paradise. Here is why?

The Climate of Mysore

The city is located near rivers and natural lakes. To control any unusual or unnatural climate changes man-made lakes were also created surrounding human settlements by Kings and Lords themselves. A city encompassing a good number of lakes is considered to be a venue of joy for all life. The temperature varies between 270 and 300 C during peak summer and ranges from 130 C to 230 C during winter. This is an enjoyable and bearable climatic condition for Senior citizens.

Non-working age group

As per the 2011 Census, Mysore district has a population of 29.9 lakh persons, about 4.9 % of the State population. While 61% of the population in the district is in the working-age group (15 to 60 years) rest are non-working age group ( above 60 years ) Because, major growth in Mysore's employment is driven by travel, tourism and hospitality, IT & ITES, agriculture and allied sectors, building, construction, and real estate sectors, there is a shortage of highly skilled people, especially at the mid and senior management levels. So, you do not find many working youths here. Mostly, you see retired families or families with young or college children.

Quality of Life

Because of the climate surrounded by greenery and fresh veggies, the quality of life is pretty good in Mysore. The abundant water bodies give life to green and man when surrounded by natural habitat are always healthy.

Cost of Living

Mysore is 14.78% less expensive than Bangalore. Rent in Mysore is, on average, 44.47% lower than in Bangalore. For a couple of two, the cost of living is quite economical and affordable.

Ecofriendly Industrial clusters

From leather cluster in Satagahalli and Hootagalli, textile cluster (silk and cotton), agarbhatti cluster, packaging cluster, food packaging- Mysore is known for many industries & manufacturing units. The employment generated by these sectors is huge and is placed in city outskirts. The traffic rate is towards the outskirts of the city not within the cities. Every cluster is maintained with endoscopic plants and amusement parks.

Nirvana - Most Promising Senior Living Community at Mysore

Nirvana is strategically located in Hadjana Village which is not too far from the city center nor within the city. We wanted to give a peaceful eco-friendly environment with all the amenities within the complex of 6 acres. You have ATM, Supermarket, Pharmacy, Medical center and geriatric medical center kind of many facilities in Nirvana. All these help a senior citizen's life easy and less dependent on others. A senior citizen need not go anywhere to get what he wants. Check out Nirvana or call us 91 9606982901 for more details.

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