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The South Ridge


Customized Senior-Friendly Villas in Mysuru

Welcome Home

Redefine Your Retirement

Regardless of one's stage in life, the longing to lead a meaningful and rewarding existence is a fundamental human aspiration. Especially as people advance further into their golden years, choosing a lifestyle and place of residence that fosters self-sufficiency, community, and general wellness becomes increasingly vital.

The South Ridge; Everything That A Senior Deserves

There is no need to be concerned with general upkeep, cleaning, meal preparation, or fixing things around your home. Our capable team handles all of those tasks for you, so you are free to live life to the fullest and pursue the activities that bring you joy.

Peaceful Living

Here, It's All About 'ME-TIME' !!

"CARE" Is The Only Mantra 


It's your dream home, don't adjust with what we give or stick to to fewer options.

Design your dream home without compromising on comfort. Let us make it senior-friendly, ensuring every corner is tailored to their needs.


Threshold Free Access

Threshold-free access is the customization of entrances and exits to a building or a room to be senior-friendly. This involves designing entryways that are easily accessible and user-friendly for older adults. For instance, installing ramps instead of stairs can make it easier for seniors to enter a building without having to navigate steps.


Wide Doors

Customized senior-friendly doors are designed specifically with the needs of older adults in mind. These doors are wider than standard doors, allowing for easy passage of wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility aids. The width of the door is made such that it can comfortably accommodate individuals with varying degrees of mobility challenges. 

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Chamfered Edges

The use of chamfered edges goes beyond mere aesthetics. These design elements prioritize the safety and comfort of older individuals by reducing the risk of accidents caused by sharp corners. This is particularly important as seniors may be more susceptible to falls or other injuries 

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A Lot In A Plot !!

Masterplan of The south Ridge
Legends of The South Ridge
The south Ridge- compass
The South Ridge -dimensions

Everything Just For You !!

At The South Ridge, we strive to make life easier for you. With a range of senior-friendly amenities and facilities, like our geriatric gym, swimming pool, meditation zone, clubhouse, and many more, we provide a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable living experience. We also offer wellness services to ensure you receive the complete care and assistance needed to maintain your independence and vitality.

pool at The South Ridge

Swimming Pool

Gym at The South Ridge


Dining at The South Ridge


medical center at The South Ridge

Medical Centre

sensory walking path at The South Ridge

Senosry Walking Paths

multipurpose at The South Ridge

Multi-purpose hall

park at The South Ridge


clubhouse at The South Ridge

Club House

Meditation Zone at The South Ridge

Meditation Zone

golf putting range at The South Ridge

Golf Putting Range

assisted care at The South Ridge

Assisted Care

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