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Can high-rise apartments be senior-friendly homes? 

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

"The higher the floor you live on, the greater your life expectancy will be."

High-rise apartments have the reputation of being an unfriendly place to live in for senior citizens like you. But a study conducted recently on the lives of older people residing in high-rise apartments shows that the residents feel healthy and happy.

This article brings you the most common misconceptions about senior citizens living in high-rise apartments.

The most common myths about senior citizens living in high-rise apartments

1. The spread of communicable diseases.

Today the world witnessed a COVID crisis, and people have become the victims of a deadly disease. This brought a fear of everything and anything around us. In particular, the sheer number of people living in a gated community share common hallways, door handles, and elevator buttons, which become the tools used to spear the disease.

2. As the floor rises, so does the blood pressure.

Another health risk is when a senior citizen has heart problems. The higher your floor level is, the lower your chance of survival because medics/survival support personals won’t reach you on time. Especially, it is believed that women in their 50’s who live on the top floors are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

3. Unfriendly living spaces for the grandchildren

Many think that top floors are not safe for their grandchildren. Children have a habit of opening the windows and crawling to the balcony. There is always a fear that the child may fall.

The Benefits of High-Rise Senior Citizen Apartment Living

Apart from the above, you have the following befits of living in the high-rise apartments

1. Longer life expectancy

A case study on Housing for Seniors shows that the higher the floor you live on, the greater your life expectancy. The chances of dying from serious lung disease were 40% lower among the residents living on higher floors. The reason behind this is all about having a better air quality on the higher levels than ground level.

2. A heart that is healthier

If you have a habit of taking the stairs every day, you are keeping your heart healthy. Exercising in the open air de-stresses your mind and body, which also eases sweating a lot. This will make your heart healthy.

Nirvana, the high-rise senior-friendly apartment on the foothills of Chamundi Hills- Mysore

1. Exercise every morning and evening.

Nirvana is filled with numerous senior-friendly amenities in the building. From the roof-top swimming pool to the swing park, jogging to walking on the reflexology path, or exercising at the Geriatric gym, there are many options open for you

2. Make good food choices

Nirvana is a senior-friendly community that is fully serviced by hospitality experts. You have plenty of healthy eating options available just a phone call away.

3. Surround yourself with people who are upbeat.

Life is challenging as it is. You don't get dragged by the negative energies coming your way. The best way to keep your surroundings positive is to spend time with nature. Nirvana is entirely covered with endoscopic plants and trees, and the sit-outs and firepits are designed to give you a comfortable zone to relax in.

We understand the mounting medical problems bring a big difference in seniors’ ability to manage daily activities. Nirvana senior living community at Mysore is designed to enhance living space functionality, safety, and independence. Share your contact details at or call us on 91 9606982901.

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