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Retirement Community

Life At Harmony is all about 

Stay healthier

Enjoy life

Being socially active

Enjoying your privacy

Experiencing great care with safety

Harmony by Tapovan is a fresh direction and dimension in senior care from the House of Tapovan Estates. It is built on the concept that seniors deserve a life full of dignity and independence.  It is a commitment that promises care beyond just the basics, comfort beyond the ordinary, empathy beyond concern.

The only Retirement Community in Mysuru. It is built for senior citizens who want to retire in style. ‘As a high-class senior living community in Karnataka, India. We provide meaningful living opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle for senior citizens. It is carefully designed by selected architects who are, professionally upscaled with senior citizen's amenities, We also have a menu of individual and personalized senior care services on the doorsteps that make every moment of living is enjoyable. The concept of living is completely focused on independence and freedom while the sense of thriving community is very much alive.

Meet The Team

Rajiv Krishna

Rajiv Krishna

Managing Partner

& Inventor of Harmony

Sriram K

Sri Ram

Managing Partner & Mentor 

Inder Dhawan

Inder Dhawan

Executive Vice president of

Harmony Integrated Services

The Best Retirement Community in Mysuru

Isn’t life after retirement amazing? You have so much free time to start new innings, now free of stress and anxiety, finding new hobbies, reconnecting with friends and family? But many older adults find the retirement they live in is not as great as they wanted it to be. Moving to an accommodation facility that gives residents a powerful source of purpose in life, with pride and dignity, can help them enjoy a fulfilling golden life ahead. Harmony provides excellent housing facilities for our beloved senior citizens - focusing on independence, and well-being. It’s built on the concept that seniors deserve a peaceful life in a caring environment where they can thrive, enjoy every moment, and forget stressful responsibilities. We strive to make their lives simpler by providing the needed support and care, developing a holistic environment where they lead an active lifestyle yet being free from everyday duties that are not easy to perform as we age, like housekeeping, cooking and other to-dos.


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