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At Harmony, we encourage residents to participate in as many meaningful physical activities as they wish to participate in because an active lifestyle prevents several health issues that seem to come with age.  


Our mission to create a wellness-driven lifestyle that enriches lives creates a graceful living essence for all our residents while addressing their personalized needs. Harmony is all about living spaces that feel like home. A strongly connected community populated with people who share common interests. A vibrant retirement community with professionally trained staff ready to assist residents with high-quality services.  


Harmony is about Care, dignity, security, and elegance.  A dear home for senior adults.

Couples above 55+ years

Harmony is specially designed for couples above 55 years only.

Couples with elderly children

Your elderly children studying/working abroad or other places in India can visit you.

Senior Citizens Retirement Home.jpg

We welcome your grand children

Your grandchildren are welcome to come and spend time with you. There is a grand children's park facility designed for them

We welcome your family 

Our incredible India is known for beautiful festivals and celebrations. We want you and your family members to celebrate every festival together.


We take care of your special parent

We have specialist caregiving services to take care of your special parents 24/7

We make your family function a grand event

We have an experienced  hospitality team who can take care of your events 


What about him?

We are sorry about this. Since this a retirement community where everyone’s safety is equally important, we do not allow pets

Drinking and smoking is limited to your house.

Harmony is all about living your life on your terms. However, drinking on campus is subjected to restrictions.


Food as per your taste

Our restaurant is made up of 2 kitchens which will operate separately for vegetarians and non- vegetarians 

No Time restrictions

There’s no time restrictions. We help you explore nights on your terms with our concierge experts


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