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Connecting Bridges

Connecting bridges make use of vacant spaces and add exciting design elegance into the buildings’ architecture while doing their jobs - providing seamless building-to-building interconnectivity. One of the true hallmarks of our design thinking, connecting bridges do not let buildings stay isolated, instead they connect buildings as one unified entity like a happy, thriving community that is seamlessly interconnected with always-on mobility benefits.

Connecting Bridges.jpg

Threshold Free Access

For a senior citizen, corridors without any thresholds are an extremely important need. Most necessarily for a person who is wheelchair-bound. Nirvana is built to provide senior citizens convenient living experience by making living spaces that support their needs. The blocks are connected in such a way that every person even in a wheelchair can move from one corner to another in the complex freely without anyone's support.


Wide Corridors

The beautifully designed wide corridors increase visibility for total areas, improve the circulation of air and light, make seamless movement a breeze, and moving furniture in and out of a room a hassle-free task. 

Corridor View.jpg

Chamfered wall edges

Chamfered wall edges add a dash of beauty to the architecture, and most importantly provide safety benefits. They also prevent damages to the wall. Overall, the idea is to explore, innovate and implement high-quality and safe design ideas to make the senior-friendly living experience safe and enjoyable.

Chamfer Walls

Jogging & Walking Path

Running and jogging provides a number of benefits including better sleep, improved immunity, and most importantly an active, longer life. Nirvana holistically uses many of its spaces as beautifully designed, and inspiring walking and jogging paths.





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