What is it like living in a Retirement Community in India?

Updated: Apr 6

In the past, the decision to choose a retirement community was driven by need. Generally, older adults preferred to have easier access to medical staff as they age. But these days aging adults are opting for retirement communities over traditional living options as a lifestyle choice.

Because these communities are exclusively designed keeping in mind the needs and wants of senior citizens and they support all care and amenities required, it makes sense to live there.

The opportunity to share new experiences, the ability to lead an active and healthy life, and best of all downsizing life in order to live the golden days of life just how they want are some of the reasons retirement communities are becoming popular in India.

How does it feel to live in a retirement community?

The quality of life differs from one community to another. Probably the perfect definition of a model retirement community is the one where residents feel valued and cared. Where they can access every single facility needed. Where specific steps are taken to make their life easier and most importantly secured. A good resident community provides ample scope for residents to socialize, stay fit and lead an active lifestyle.

  • Meet people from different backgrounds

One of the specialties of a requirement community is that it allows perfect living conditions for aging adults from different backgrounds. Teachers, business owners, artists, health professionals, professors, lawyers, engineers, and more. These communities are populated with expert and experienced people who have diverse experiences and now want to spend the golden days of their life relaxingly, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city, and by reducing the burdens of life.

  • Gather new experiences and find opportunities for a healthy, active lifestyle

Retirement communities are planned for older adults. Specific steps are taken to introduce innovative fitness programs. Living in a community setup while having your own private home means you can enjoy the needed privacy yet go out and meet new people. Also, you can resume your interest in previous hobbies such as gardening.

  • Freedom from stressful daily activities

One of the wonderful benefits of living in a retirement community in India is that you get freedom from daily household chores. Freedom from cooking. Freedom from paying bills, Freedom from doing laundry. Freedom from organizing the house. Many requirement communities for senior adults provide housekeeping services. Skilled attendees are provided to make the life of senior citizens stress-free.

  • Live life to its fullest

Retirement communities exist to make seniors' lives happier. For example, the projects at Harmony are built on the idea that age is just a number and a retirement life is possibly the best phase in life to reinvent yourself, create new happy experiences all over again, and give new meanings to life. Requirement communities allow you to downsize life, move away from the stress and anxiety and feel valued.


Talking about the cons, retirement communities may not be perfectly suitable for people who are very much emotionally attached to their existing surroundings and can not live away from the sweet memories of the place that have been living for so long. Some requirement communities have restrictions too like you are not allowed to bring pets.

Despite the cons, those who move into retirement communities do so to improve the overall quality of their lives!

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