What is a Senior Living and Retirement Community?

Updated: Apr 6

Retirement Communities, sometimes also referred to as Senior Living Communities, Independent Retirement Communities, Independent Senior Living Communities, are accommodation facilities (Apartments, villas, single-family homes, condos, etc.) built inside communities or housing complexes for older adults 55 years of age and above.

These housing facilities are designed keeping in mind the age-related needs and wants of aging adults - especially those who do not need daily assistance but may benefit from amenities, activities, and services that make their lives easier.

Read on as we explore the different aspects of senior living and retirement communities, with a specific focus on Mysuru.

Why do seniors move to Retirement Communities?

Many aging adults reach a stage in their lives when they are required to reinvent their lifestyle because of age-related restrictions. They may no longer find living in a traditional home set up viable, also their homes may not be equipped with enough security features. They may find it difficult to climb up or downstairs.

Managing daily activities such as laundry, cleaning, cooking can turn out to be stressful as they age. Moreover, in the absence of someone to care for them, they may struggle with isolation, and subsequently, deal with depression and other health issues. These are some of the reasons many senior citizens are choosing to live in Senior Apartments in Mysuru where they can live independently yet get all the care, dignity, and convenience they need while being part of a vibrant community.

Benefits of Senior Living Communities in Mysuru, India

Low maintenance lifestyle

No matter the age - home maintenance tasks never seem to end. Grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, paying electricity bills, doing laundry, washing clothes, keeping home neat and organized - there’s always something that needs to be done. Retirement communities eliminate these tasks and let you pursue the bigger life goals - like traveling to holy shrines across India you always planned for. With more time, seniors can spend their lives more thoughtfully, discover more meaningful pastimes and pursue their hobbies.

Get plenty of personal care options

Many retirement communities for seniors offer a range of personal care options. And these go beyond just housekeeping services. At Harmony, for example, we have Professional Geriatricians who specialize in treating health conditions that affect older adults. We also have skilled staff members to help residents who need extra care. Alert systems are available to maintain the safety and security of the community.

A Senior Living Community promotes socialization, provides ample opportunities for citizens to join fitness classes and indulge in outdoor activities.

How to choose a Senior Friendly Retirement Community in Mysuru?

An independent living community should not consist of self-contained apartments. A greater sense of vibrant community and peaceful co-existence should drive the essence of a retirement community.

One of the powerful deciding factors while choosing a retirement community is to see how active the community is, how caring and helping the residents are.

A retirement community should also have state-of-the-art on-site services and amenities. It should facilitate a healthy lifestyle. Round the hour emergency facility is another consideration. Every unit should be specially designed to make senior life simple, easier, and safe. Moreover, it should be within your budget.

Summed up, a good senior living and retirement community can help you enjoy the golden days of your life.