What do you think of the idea of choosing to live in a retirement community?

The concept ‘retirement community’ is relatively new in India but it is steadily gaining popularity for a number of reasons. A powerful feeling associated with a retirement community is that it allows seniors to live in dignity, without depending on their children who might be living abroad or don’t have sufficient time to look after their parents. Retirement communities provide a secured housing and living facility, prevent loneliness and boredom, and make available a fully professional system to look after the aging adults.

The idea of choosing a retirement community in India

Many aging adults feel alone and alienated as their children leave abroad to pursue their ambitions and career goals. Many children who live away from home, also want a safe, secured, and dignified life for their parents. A retirement home fills the vacuum. Children can feel good their parents are living well, while older adults can relax and make the most of their golden days of life.


Living in a retirement home or community in India allows you to feel empowered. You are not dependent on anyone. All the support system available to you is paid by you, so on one is doing a favor to you. It’s your life, where everything - from amenities to surroundings - is accessible to you because you deserve it.

Freedom of daily household duties

One of the most important benefits associated with retirement communities is that there you won’t need to reinvent the wheel of daily activities. The support services include housekeeping and other assistance like serving ready-made meals. So, there’s no need to worry about paying and managing bills, cooking food, looking after the small to big responsibilities.


Retirement communities make life accessible. Usually, these communities are built in such a way that aging adults don’t need to struggle to access any amenities. Even every unit is so well designed and structurally managed that they provide a higher degree of safety and security, and also convenience. If the retirement community is conveniently located close to prominent highlights of the city, it is easy for the residents to travel to these places anytime.

Access to care and Support System

With age, it is natural for us to expect quick and easy access to care systems. Retirement communities that have assisted living or long-term care services, make getting health care services when it is needed extremely easy. For example, at Harmony, specialized geriatricians are available to take care of older adults. An ambulance is ever ready to address any emergency. Also, trained professional staff supports residents in their wellbeing and care requirements.

Frankly speaking, the idea of choosing to live in a retirement community is not easy. It is tough for someone to leave a place and surrounding that they have been so used to, but to meet the need of time, and to make the most of golden days of life with care, dignity, and respect, many older adults are preferring retirement homes over traditional living accommodations.

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