What are the benefits of living in a Retirement Community?

“55+ communities” are also known as “Active Adult Communities” or “Retirement Communities” which means residents in these communities lead a healthy, fulfilling life in a community. Read on as we explore the different aspects of living in such a community, with a specific focus on the advantages.

Why 55+ communities formed in India?

Retirement Communities are specifically designed to support the lifestyle of adults aged 55 and older, who can still take care of themselves but would prefer to avail amenities and support when needed. The idea behind these communities is to make the life of aging adults simpler and convenient.

They offer improved security, threshold-free accessible facilities, low maintenance living solutions to make the life of seniors easier. They also provide platforms to engage with different activities within the community.

What are the types of accommodation available in these communities?

Types of accommodation differ, ranging from single homes to condos and more. Some communities also provide renting options.

In order to qualify for purchasing a home in these communities, one needs to meet the 55+ requirement, but this rule may differ based on the guidelines set by the communities. Always check with the respective authorities to confirm.

What are the benefits of living in 55+ communities in India?

  • Accessible facilities

Because these communities are specifically designed for aging adults, accessibility is not a challenge. The units are built keeping security and safety considerations so that performing daily activities or navigating from one place to another becomes easier.

  • Minimal maintenance

Many 55+ retirement communities in India provide interior and exterior maintenance services, and these are included in the fee. Some also offer professional housekeeping services which are charged separately. These facilities make living very easier, and simple. With nothing to worry about towards maintenance, upkeep, etc, seniors can enjoy a relaxing life.

  • Live among people of similar age

These communities provide ample scope for seniors to socialize, lead a happy, healthy life, and join fitness programs. Being surrounded by people of the same age and who share similar experiences and memories is a pleasant experience.

  • Quiet and peaceful surrounding

Retirement communities provide a quiet and peaceful surrounding so if you are used to living in a tightly connected community, and love the hustle and bustle of the city, this may not be a good fit for you.

These are just a few of the many benefits associated with communities designed for adults 55 years of age and above. More and more retirement communities are coming up in cities like Bangalore, Mysuru, Kochi, Chennai, and others, and aging adults from all walks of life are increasingly turning to these accommodation choices over traditional housing facilities.