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Our Concept

s seniors age, the lack of connection with others and a diminishing social life can cause an increase of depression as well as a multitude of other health problems. Depression and isolation in seniors can even cause sickness, high blood pressure and an increased risk for early death. However, seniors who maintain an active and independent lifestyle gain benefits that boost their physical health, emotional well-being and their ability to remain independent for longer. 

Choosing to remain socially active, engaged and connecting with others can significantly benefit seniors in a number of ways. Becoming involved in social activities, socializing with friends and family and trying new things cannot only make seniors’ lives more interesting and exciting, but can also keep many negative effects of aging away. 

Engage is a platform through which they can engage in fitness programs, plays, concerts and art courses, offering opportunities to socialize and be a part of what they love the most. You can even benefit from learning something new by taking one, or all, of our courses aimed at connecting others and keeping the mind sharp

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