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Peace & Harmony, like I always dreamt

Best Retirement Community at Mysore. It's a paradise for Senior Citizens







A new direction and dimension in senior care. Presenting Harmony from the House of Tapovan Estates as a complete solution in senior care. A concept where Senior Care goes beyond words. It is a commitment that promises care beyond just the basics, comfort beyond the ordinary, empathy beyond concern.

A commitment that is here to stay, to take care of the senior citizens in every possible way. From peace of mind to an assurance of safety.  From nutritious meals to activities of different varieties. From forging bonds of friendship to being gainfully engaged. An environment that helps you stay young at heart and soul. Harmony Retirement Community concept promises all this and more. It is a thought, a concept like never before.

Retirement Community at Mysore

Sale Model

Nirvana is a senior compliant apartment located at the footsteps of Chamundi Hills.

Lease Model

Glendale is a luxury villa available just a kilometer away from Mysore Airport

A 360- dgree Senior Citizens Living & Home Care Solutions at Mysore

Harmony Retirement communities also called “senior living communities” or “independent living communities,” are designed for people above 50 years.  The people who love living independently and require specialized medical care. Our communities offer different types of amenities and facilities designed to keep every need of a senior citizen fulfilled. The architecture is designed in such a way that the entire campus is a threshold-free and risk-free environment at the foothills of Chamundi.

At Harmony,

  • Your friendship takes on a new meaning. 

  • Your dreams, hopes, desires are realized.

  • Your little joys are shared with your loved ones.

  • Your bond becomes stronger.

  • Your memories are rediscovered.

  • Your life is filled with pride and dignity.

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Campus Amenities

Harmony provides a list of amenities making a resort-style retirement community more feasible than senior living. Harmony is designed to provide multiple destinations for seniors to engage their day.

Senior Friendly Facilities

Communal to the community, concierge and transportation, fitness and socialization, all the facilities by Harmony is designed to serve the need of a senior living. Our goal is to provide a holistic senior care facility within your campus

Harmony Integrated Services

Property Management Services at Mysore

Property Management

Getting tenants that satisfy a retirement community eligibility criteria is never easy for Non-residents. Harmony Integrated Services come up with an experienced efficient sales team with a wide network that makes us get things done in the most hassle-free way helping you save time and cost.

Housekeeping Services

Our professionals are always there to help with cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, preparing delicious meals or running errands. Our range of housekeeping services can ease the pressure you face and keep your home exactly the way you like it. We are just a phone call away.


 Medical Services

Geriatric Medical Services offers part or total management of the medical and care needs of the elder person, geriatric or dementia patient. Our Geriatrician Dr. Mr.Carriappa will have close monitoring of every resident's health. We take a personalized, holistic approach to the family member we care for.

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At this age, your biggest need is the quality of life you enjoy!! 

Harmony provides just that!!!


We are located at Dattagalli, Mysore, Kanrnata

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